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Iqbal And Sons Death Committee Support Fund

All Members are subject to these terms and conditions
  1. Membership Duration:
    a) Membership is valid for one year from the date of joining.
    b) To continue membership, renewal must be completed within one month prior to the expiry date. Failure to renew within the specified period will result in forfeiture of membership and the right to claim in the event of a bereavement.

  2. Non-Refundable Membership:
    Membership fees are non-refundable under any circumstances.

  3. Family Membership:
    By becoming a member, the spouse and children of the primary member, up to the age of 18, will also be considered members.

  4. Membership after Death:
    If a member passes away, the widow/widower and children mentioned in paragraph 3 will remain members if the annual membership fee is paid.

  5. Re-Marriage Option:
    In the event of a member’s death and subsequent re-marriage of their spouse, the new husband/wife may become a member by paying the appropriate joining fee. Existing dependents will remain members as long as the annual fee is paid.

  6. Membership for Children:
    Once children reach the age of 18, they are eligible to apply for membership on their own by paying the annual membership fee and applicable charges.

  7. Age Limit for New Members:
    New members can join until the age of 55 years.

  8. Membership Renewal:
    Membership renewal is due every January.

  9. Additional Payment:
    In case of insufficient funds, it may be necessary to request two annual membership fees in one year. The second payment, in this case, will be due in June.

  10. Updating Dependents:
    Members are responsible for informing the committee of any new dependents.

  11. Membership in Case of Divorce:
    In the event of a divorce, membership will continue for each party individually. If either party remarries, an additional joining fee will be required for the new spouse to become a member.

  12. Medical Conditions:
    Applicants must list any medical conditions during the application process. Failure to disclose any medical condition, which later becomes the cause of death, will result in the withdrawal of coverage and no payment will be issued.

  13. Membership Cancellation:
    Cancellation must be done in writing and sent to the office of the Management Committee.

  14. Re-Entry after Cancellation:
    If re-entry is required after a cancelled membership, a new application will be required, and the joining membership fees at the time of application will apply.

  15. Funeral and Burial Expenses:
    If the Death Committee Fund covers the funeral and/or burial expenses of a deceased member, and the family is later reimbursed for any of these costs from another source, the amount received will be deducted from the eligibility of the scheme. The Management Committee reserves the right to reclaim any cost differences incurred by the Fund from the deceased member’s family to ensure fairness to other members of the Death Committee and its Funds.

  16. Change in Circumstances:
    Any changes in circumstances must be promptly notified to the Management of the Death Committee by the applicant/member.

  17. Supporting Evidence:
    The Management Committee reserves the right to request any additional supporting evidence they deem necessary if a clear relationship cannot be established through the provided proofs.

  18. Required Documents for Claims:
    To process a claim, the following documents are required: two forms of identification (one photo ID and one proof of address), death certificate, and an invoice from the funeral director. Cash payments will not be made; the payment will be made directly to the funeral director upon receipt of their invoice.

    1. Claim Documents: In order to process a claim, the following documents are required:

      • Two forms of identification: one photo ID and one proof of address
      • Death certificate
      • Invoice from the funeral director
    2. Payment Method:

      • Cash payments will not be made.
      • We will directly pay the funeral director upon receipt of their invoice.
    3. Funeral/Burial Coverage:

      • We provide coverage for Funeral/Burial fees up to a maximum of £5000.
      • Repatriation fees are covered up to a maximum of £2500.
      • Coverage for burial costs is limited to the local authority in the borough of your main residence.
      • We do not pay charges for burials that occur outside the borough. (Out of borough: The person to be buried is not a resident of the Borough at the time of death.)
      • Additional charges may apply for burials booked for out of hours.